Bali Half Day Tour & Combination Tour

We invite you to come with us on a tour that will show you Bali which is full with nature and natural, traditional Asian life.We will show you the culture, the beauty and traditions of this special tropical island.

Our tour, with educated guides, will take you to villages that resemble life like it was many years ago, rice fields, plantations, rain forests, beautiful lakes, and volcanoes. You will see old jungle trials, sacred temples, gamelan and Balinese dance performances, and the youth of Bali practicing their local arts.

During our tour we will serve nice restaurants. There will be both western and Asian food. Our Tour Staff is educated and motivated to make this Bali Sightseeing Tours you will never forget, and will show you that Bali’s rich cultural heritage is visible everywhere – in many temples and palaces, in many colorful festivals and ceremonies, in drama, music, and dance, and specially, the friendly Balinese people.

Besakih Mother Temple Tour

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